Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner

By Keane and Chance and Emma

Early life stress

Bruce Jenner's life was very successful in his life before the transition, but with success comes stress. For example, when he won the gold medal for the decathalon, he was probably under alot of stress. He has to train, face intense competition, and represent the country in the Olympics. He also probably faced some stress when he was thinking about the transition. Stress about his feelings about it and about how his family would feel about it.

This is an article where someone went through the same process Caitlyn is going through right now and he thinks that Caitlyn's transition is caused from the massive stress from Bruce's early success.

Coming to terms

He was relieved of his stress when he found out that his family supported his situation. They were 100% on his side and supported whatever he decided on doing.

His family tweeted about him saying

"be free now pretty bird" -Kendall Jenner

"live life your way" -Kim Kardashian

And his wife even said "just live the happiest life you can live"

The media also showed huge support with multiple pages of support, hashtags trending, and even news coverage.

Stress after the transition

After the transition, Caitlyn faced a lot stress, but doctors expected that because the stages after transition are "acceptance, integration, and pride" says Dr. Aaron Devor. He says that at first comes the acceptance, finally realizing "wow this is actually happening." and that is exactly what Caitlyn went through, she also had to accept that she was now a role model in the trans community. Then she went through the integration stage where she started to speak for the trans community, this came with more stress. In a video she released days before "I am Cait" she said "I'm really nervous, I just hope they like me and that I say the right things." Speaking for a whole community of people can be really stressful, but she finally went through the pride stage and is now very comfortable with her role in the trans community.