Looking For Alaska

John Green

Setting and Characters

In Culver Creek the boarding school that Miles attends.

Miles Cavalry

Alaska Young

Chip Martin (The Colonel)

Looking For Alaska Summary

Miles Cavalry, goes to a boarding school where he meets Chip Martin (The Colonel).Miles experiences what every teenager wants.He goes away from his family and friends back home.Miles meets new friends with a new girlfriend.

In the middle, of the book Miles and Alaska do something terrible that they wont forget in their life in school lives.Alaska goes through the one the moments she wont forget even if she has to do the most terrible thing in her life.

In the end, Miles has to go through the death of a friend that he met.Miles and Colonel try to figure out the mystery of the death.

Extra Information

Looking For Alaska, Has won over nine awards including

  • A book list editor choice picking
  • Winner 2006 Michael L. Printz Award
2006 teens top 10 award

Others with this teenage love fest not so original love story.

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