Voting Ages And Voting Rules

Should kids under the age of 13 and under should vote? by ma

what will voting help

  • helps them with having confidence.
  • can see friends vote too.
  • helping elect a new president.
  • have something to particeapate in.

help us young americans.

people have tried for years to lower down the voting age but to all of the hard work the government still says no to all of the people who tried.I think kids should vote because it will get us to a level of thinking that we will start to be more of a hard thinker like doing a hard math problem.

how people help support voting?

thank people for putting their time into making programs

that go to middle and high schools to teach the kids about how voting rules and how to get a voting licens at the age of 20.

What is voting?

Well voting is when you go out of your home and go to a voting booth to place a vote on a ballet. This is a big deal because you vote and many more will determine which candidates will the next president.