News from Room 208

Weekly Updates from Miss DeWitt's Class

June 2, 2017

Park Field Trip--June 12th

Below is a link to a document where you can sign up for different activities at Village Park. There is a spot to sign up to walk with us down there, and there are also shifts to sign up for to run basketball, volleyball, baseball diamonds (for kickball), etc. The more the merrier, so please feel free to sign up for whatever you can help with!

If you just want to meet us down there and not supervise, please just meet us there whenever you have time available!


We spent time this week reviewing concepts from Unit 7 and studying for our final test. We filled out study guides on two of the days this week. I split the days up between decimals and fractions. The test will be on Tuesday, June 6. I am hoping to have binders go home for one final time on Friday this week. This time, the binders will stay home and will not have to be brought back with a signature.

We will be spending the rest of our time doing math activities involving Sphero, a robot that they will be controlling. I can't wait! :)

Science/Social Studies

Their challenge this week came with a scenario that was read to them first. A light company that makes string, holiday lights needed our help! Their customers were complaining that every time one bulb burns out, the whole string of lights won't work. Our class was faced with a challenge of creating a string of lights that doesn't shut off when only one bulb burns out. We simulated light bulbs burning out by placing an index card underneath the metal that the bulb connects to, essentially stopping the flow of electricity. The student soon found out that the way to help this company is to create a parallel circuit of lights. That way, each light has its very own pathway of electricity, and a bulb that doesn't work won't affect the rest of the bulbs!

We get to spend the rest of the year working on Chapter 6 in social studies. This unit is all about immigration. We did an online interactive activity about Ellis Island. You can access the website with the link below. This was super interesting for the kiddos to learn about, and it was a surprising process to most. We will be starting heritage projects next week, and the students picked a country that their ancestors came from to research and share with the class.

Language Arts with Mrs. Edwards

The students started presenting their “Touring Wisconsin” presentations. We “traveled” to towns all over Wisconsin and learned a lot of fun places to visit this summer. Please make sure you ask your child what presentations they were part of.

Book Clubs are DONE….well at least the reading should be. The students are working on their final project for the year. This time they were able to choose which product they would like to make. We have everything from plays, to posters, to quizzes, presentations, and game boards. Next Thursday the students will share their projects with the house.

Fantasy Fiction is coming to a close. The drafts are written and the editing has begun. The students have been doing a great job catching a few more of their grammar mistakes as they make their way towards 5th grade. Grammar will be our main focus next week.

History Mysteries: As part of our final unit, we have been exploring famous mysteries such as King Tut’s tomb, Big Foot, and a mysterious ghost ship, The Mary Crestle. If you know any other “World Mysteries” be sure to talk to your kids about them. We might just read about it next!

Read Aloud: We are rapidly trying to finish The Thief Lord before we begin summer. As part of reading lessons, I hope to show parts of the movie so they can compare with the book. The movie is rated PG, so if you would not like your child to watch clips from the movie, please let me know. Thank you!

All library books are due to the library so they can begin to take inventory. I am personally missing about twenty books from my classroom library. Please have your child check at home and see if any need to come back to school. Thank you!