Entrepreneur Kevin Systrom

By: Ronmesha Reed

Kevin Systrom

- Hometown: Holliston, MA

- Age: 31 years old

- Kevin Systrom was age 28 when he started his business.

- Kevin Systrom is the Co-Founder and CEO of Instagram.

Kevin Systrom Education

- Kevin Sysyrom attended college at Stanford University.

- He has a B.S. in management science and engineering.

- He did not need his college degree to start his own business

How Did Kevin Systrom Create His Business

Kevin Systrom didn't plan on starting a company he'd sell to Facebook for $1 billion dollars. He got his start in a record store, of all places. It was a sudden love of photography combined with an affinity for technology-perhaps inspired by his mother who worked in the sector that led to the creation of the now-ubiquitous photo-sharing app. Kevin Systrom and his business partner was walking in the park one day when they made they decision to start Instagram.

What does his business serve? Is this business beneficial to society?

Kevin Systrom business is a website that shares photos and any other important things worldwide. It is beneficial to the society in many ways. It can help advertise different businesses and help promote different products to the world.

Who else was involved?

Kevin Systrom had a business partner to help out with his business. His business partner was MIke Krieger. He helped out with this business because it was a very big business and and it was an ideal they both came to an agreement on.

How long did it take to start the business?

It took Kevin Systrom and MIke Krieger approximately 1 year to finish this assignment.

Is this his only business?

Yes, Instagram was his only business he created, even though he ended up selling it to Facebook for $1 million.

What road bumps did he overcome?

Kevin did not really have any road bumps, everything went pretty smoothly for his business. It was a great success.