It is time to research a scientist

who contributed to this understanding of DNA


Each student will prepare his or her own summary of a scientist, or pair of scientists who contributed to the current understanding of DNA.

Two students will research each scientist/pair of scientists, so you can compare resources, but do your own research and presentation format.

James Watson and Francis Crick

Your task

  1. Research your scientist(s) finding the information below, as well as other interesting and pertinent information.
  2. Summarize your information into your own words.
  3. Keep track of all sources you use and link them to the source of information in a clear, concise manner on a Google doc or other format that I can see Thursday and Friday.
  4. Organize the information into a presentation format of your choice.
  5. Be prepared to present information about your scientist(s) Wednesday in class.

Required information

  • Picture of scientist
  • Pictures of other pertinent components of their work
  • Dates, places
  • Interesting information about the scientist
  • Colleagues
  • Brief overview of contribution to the understanding of DNA
  • Any controversy, struggles or other related issues to these contributions
  • Linked or embedded video or audio file about this scientist
  • Resources


Remember to include a clear and consistent focus on the scientist and his or her or their contribution to our current understanding of DNA!

Remember to link all information to your sources.

Remember to share sources with me (as well as presentation if you are doing a digital presentation).

The presentation MUST be in your own summarized words.