Trip back to the Jurassic Time

By: Ava Lowery

The trip is coming soon

This is coming soon so you need to sign up. There is only a limited number of people that can sign up. This is going to be a trip of your lifetime. You will get to explore dinosaurs, flying reptiles, and much more. Don't forget to sign up!!!

The Jurassic trip

Saturday, April 23rd, 10:15pm

208 -144 million years ago between France and Switzerland

Pangea has broke apart and we need to take a trip thier. Some reasons we are going the largest dinosaurs thrive, including Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, and Apatosaurus. There are going to be birds appearing, flying reptiles, and pterosaurs. You will have a great time on this trip to the Jurassic time period.

The Agenda

We will begin our journey Monday morning through Friday and go home Saturday morning!!!

Monday: You will get know how the dinosaurs are t dominate over this land.

Tuesday: You will the two main types of dinosaurs, plant eaters and meat eaters.

Wednesday: Get to know the several hundred dinosaurs that scientist have discovered.

Thursday: Learn about the discovery of the first called, Archaeopteryx, that appeared during the Jurassic time period.

We are the Wild crazy planer bunch

We are very crazy but very fun. We try to make things simple and fun for you guys on our trip. I hope you sign up to go on another trip and have fun!!!!!!!!!

What to bring

You may bring some snacks but you are served 3 meals a day.

Dress accordingly the weather will be hot.

The climate is humid and how because of the high attitude.

Your shelter is provided but the is no heatin, air cinditioning, so you may want to bring a fan.

Some events to plan for on the Trip

The supercontinent Pangaea began to drift apart during the Jurassic time period. The Jurassic Period was the second segment of the Mesozoic Era. It occurred from 199.6 to 145.5 million years ago, following the Triassic Period and preceding the Cretaceous Period.
Jurassic Time Period

Warning / protection

There are set times when you will be able to rome around the jurassic time period but other wise you must be under shelter because of the dinosaurs. When you awake in the morning you will not be able to leave your shelter till 9:30. You must be under shelter no later than 8pm at night. this is cause to the dinosaurs need exercise and they have to be fed before you can see. DO NOT GET HURT!!!!