Gerald R. Ford

How Ford Became President

  • Was originally chosen to be VP when former VP Agnew was forced to resign due to his association with scandal
  • Became President because Nixon was forced to resign as well
  • First man made president based only on Congress's vote
  • Unfairly judged as a dimwitted, unsuitable president, one who was not elected but selected
  • Granted a full pardon to Nixon for all his crimes, outraged Democrats

End of the Vietnam War

  • Early 1975- Norther Vietnam pushes full force ahead Southward
  • Ford encourages Congress to send more weapons, Congress doesn't, Southern Vietnamese are crushed without their help
  • Remaining Americans and 140,000 Vietnamese were emergency evacuated and brought to the US
  • Cost the US $180 million, 56,000 dead, and 300,000 injured, but Southern Vietnam still lost