Personality Type: True Color Orange

By: Morgan Powell

Overview of My Color

After taking the true color test, I concluded my personality type is Orange. The personality Orange always needs excitement and fun. They need variety in there life and get bored of routine. People that are Orange are performers and are competitors. They take on life as a game and are impulsive. They are encouraged by competitiveness rather than compliments.

Thoughts About My Color

Three characteristics about my color that fit me best are my competitiveness, need to have fun and my boldness. Three characteristics that I don't think fit me are on a bad day I don't cheat or lie , don't get physically aggressive and I don't run away. The type of job that I believe fits my personality type is an Orthodontist, that is what I have been always wanted to do. At work, my true color may affect me because with my future job I am able to walk around so I won't be bored at a desk which is good, and I will be able to use tools like my description said. I don't see anything bad about my color that would be negative at work.