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Elvdalen is a valley and community groups furthest west in Engerdal in Hedmark. The valley surround Femundselva originating in the lake Galtsjøen and flows southward through the valley and into Trysil Municipality, where it bears the name Trysil river. From Galtsjøen river flows first through a elongated and open landscape dominated by pine-clad moors and bogs, without special rock formations visible in circumference. Elvdalen considered to start at Femundsundet between Ørsjøvola and Ulvåberget, but some valley's not to perceive before the start of Søre Elvdal the lash. From Husfloen and across the municipal boundary with Spa in the south becomes markedly steeper valleys with peaks over 1200 meters on both the east and west sides of the valley. Elvdalen follows Trysil river the flows with Engera bit south of the lake beds.

Dwellings that belonged to Elvdal is from the south Husfloen, Nymoen (Kirkemoen), lash, Høyberget and Granberget, and the main hamlet has a great church in Søre Elvdal church. Previously, agriculture and forestry main industries in Elvdal, but it is now only a few productive farms left in operation. Elvdalen is a known area for scenery and fishing in the summer, and the valley also has many good cloudberry marshes.

It is estimated that there have been people in Elvdal Stone Age, but so far without concrete evidence. However, several discoveries of the early Viking Age, including swords, arrowhead, ax blade and glass beads. Several of these objects were found in a fire at the grave Husfloen in Søre Elvdal. This place was marked in 2008 by creating a memorial stone and plaque. If one looks at the settlement in recent times, it is estimated that Elvdalen were settled and areas leased from approx. In 1750.

Elvdalen and the neighboring valley Engerdalen heard before the 1911 Outer Rendal township (and the parish), but was this year spun off and formed together with parts from Trysil, Upper Rendal and Tolga the new township Engerdal.

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