Lowell Lee Andrews

By: Lexi, Will, & Harley.

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September 21, 1940-November 30, 1962

Andrews lived in the town of Wolcott, Kansas. Many knew Andrews as 'shy,' 'quiet,' and 'mild-mannered.' Andrews played bassoon in the Kansas University band and was a sophomore major in zoology. On the night of the murder, six feet tall, two-hundred-and-sixty pound Andrews shot and killed his sister, his mother, and his father. After he finished reading a novel, he shaved, dressed in nice attire, and went downstairs, where his parents and sister were watching television, carrying a .22 caliber rifle and a revolver. He shot his sister in between the eyes before he turned the gun on his dad, shooting twice. He then shot his mother three times. His mother reached towards him, and he fired another three, ending her life. The father, now crawling to the kitchen, was shot several times with the revolver, making a total of seventeen. He then attempted to make the crime look like a burglary by opening a window and emptying dressers. To achieve an alibi, he drove to his apartment for a typewriter, and then enjoyed Mardi Gras at the Granada movie theater. Leaving there, he tossed out the weapons into Kansas River and called the police when he arrived to back to the crime scene. Andrews did not seem to care about his family when the police arrived, and later pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. He was denied and sentenced to death at the same time as Richard Hickock and Perry Smith that we see in the book In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote.