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What are child psychologist ?

Child psychologists are experts in what makes kids tick. Their job involves diagnosing and treating a wide range of psychological disorders. The majority of child psychologist are clinical. That means they work with clients rather than doing research.

What would be my duties as a child psychologist ?

Your work can be focused into four areas of assessment, consultation, intervention and prevention.Your clients might include premature, ill and drug-addicted newborns, children with schizophrenia, autism and delayed or uneven development or trauma survivors.Assessments are conducted through techniques such as interviews with parents and children, cognitive testing and behavioral observation. Consultation entails conferring with pediatricians, teachers, social workers, child protection workers and fellow child psychologists about treatment or care options.

Intervention encompasses a range of treatment approaches, including family therapy and counseling, individual therapy, cognitive therapy and behavior modification in the home or classroom. Prevention aims to steer children away from delinquency, substance abuse and teen pregnancy, shield them from prolonged exposure to abusive or neglectful environments and avoid delays in language and cognitive development.

What are the requirements for this position ?

Degree Required Doctoral degree

Education Field of Study Child psychology

Training Required Clinical or supervised experience

Test Required Pass EPPP with a score of meeting the Virginia minimum of 500
Pass the Jurisprudence exam

Expected Salary

Starting salary for this position is 82k