Visit our Tropical Rain Forests!

Facts about the rain-forest

The world's rain forests are home to 50% of earth's plants and animals.There are about 30,000 species of animals in the rain forest.And about 170,000 species of plants.This is because of the canopy structure of the rain forest . The canopy offers sources of food, shelter, and hiding places.
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things to do in the rain-forest

* You could go hiking

*nature watching

*you could go fishing in some rain forest

*or you could pick the unique plants that are found their

The climate is always hot.The temperatures are 68-93 degrees F. The temperature is like that all the time.The average of rain fall is 50 to 260 in.
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toco toucan

This bird is the largest of the toucans.It has strong legs and feet to support it's weight.