By Valerie Barrios

What was the change?

The change was in art,culture,and the religion and also a change in what they thought.It started in Italy in the fourteenth century and it was the rebirth of art and learning.The Renaissance placed the human beings once more with humanistic values of art.

Who was the associated with the change?

One of the person associated was Michelangelo he was a great painter and sculptor.His work is seen as masterpieces and one of his greatest work is the Sistine Chapel that shows shows the Biblical images of amazing detail,power and the beauty.Leanardo Da Vinci was another great painter who painted the famous art Mona Lisa.He painted Mona Lisa for its great emotion and dept.

How did it impacted the society at the time?

It was when the Middle Ages class was born through the Renaissance.One of the way it impacted was the Rise of Humanism and it increased interest in travel and the knowledge it had.Thats when another impact came and it was the Spread of Knowledge.Thats when they had the printing press which it increased there society all lot.Thanks of the printing press some ideas have spread quickly.

How is that change evidence in today's modern society ?

The art that we have now in days is famous for their selling.You could find there famous art work in a museum nearby.The Renaissance now in days change the way people think today in our modern society.People this days do spend alot of money on art of this famous people during the Renaissance days.