Carroll's Law Firm

Lexi Carroll

New Clients

We will personally summon the defendant. We will make everything as easy as possible so we are prepared for court. We will make sure we have the pleadings. In this case, you are the plaintiff.


At Carroll's Law Firm we try to put as little pressure on you as possible. We try our hardest to get what you want and have everything work out. If you don't have a complaint we will write one for you. Trials can take awhile so we ask you to be patient.


If our trial gets appealed to a higher court, we will make sure we have enough evidence and we are prepared. Before our case begins, I will have a pretrial conference and try to make a plea bargain. The best thing we can do is be prepared and confident and wait for the verdict.

Thank you for reading our brochure. I hope you come to us if you have any issues. I'd love to represent you.