"Sometimes the rights you want aren't always right."

Who were their leaders?

Their leaders were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They starting founding in 1700s. It was the 2 party in the United States that was organized by the Secretary of the state and Thomas Jefferson.

(The one on the right in the picture is James Madison and on the left is Thomas Jefferson)

Their Beliefs and Opinions.

They really didn't like them assuming the states debt because they were wary of accumulating and too much government spending. They also didn't like the idea of Creating a National Bank because they were scared that the bank would be dangerous and it would become too powerful. They really didn't like the idea of the French Revolution either because they thought it would make an economic disaster and a possibility of an invasion. The Democratic-Republicans were not in favor of the Power of the National Government either because they thought it was unconstitutional and it benefited merchants and investors at the expense of the population. They really didn't like the Alien and Sedition acts because they were made to weaken the Democratic-Republican Party. Although they did support the War with Great Britain in 1812. They thought it would give them more power and say in the government.
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Kinley Burris