Arkansas Between the Wars

By: Emily Corbin

Oil & Boom Towns

> El Dorado

> People rushed to area for 1. steady work 2. hoping to strike it rich

> After the end of the decade, the area's boom had died

Flood of 1927

> Flooding of Mississippi River

> affected the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana's levees, property, animals, and people's lives

> Caused by tributaries like the Arkansas and Red rivers filling up quick and feeding into Mississippi river while Mississippi River was already flooding.

The New Deal

> Designed to put unemployed men back to work in jobs such as construction workers, post office workers, hospital jobs, teacher jobs.

> Made by Roosevelt

> also provided jobs for out-of-work artists

People- Political Voices & Outlaws

> Arkansas's U.S. Senator Thad Caraway died unexpectedly, his wife Hattie took his place.

> First women elected to serve a full term as a united states senator

>Supported Roosevelt's New Deal programs