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October 11, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families,

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, watching children construct their own knowledge of the world around them is so incredible. At recess, these third graders (see picture below) were pointing at the clouds and comparing the shapes to hippos, elephants, and alligator buses. At the same time, they were also discussing which clouds were stratus clouds turning into strata nimbus clouds or cumulas clouds turning into cumula nimbus clouds. They were predicting which ones might become "harsh" storm clouds. How exciting that the third grade teachers' lessons are translating outside their walls!

In this newsletter, we will be sharing some more examples of the creativity and curiosity that our Raleigh Hills students share. Whether they are discussing cloud formations, creating a newspaper, or writing poems., we are inspired by the teaching and learning that happens in all areas of our school!

Best regards,

Jennifer and Lindsay

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Big picture

The Red and Black Student Newspaper - Check It Out!

The teachers are so very proud with how the middle school students collaborated and created their very own publication from vision to execution. We hope you'll enjoy their newspaper!

"Where I am From" 8th Grade Poetry in Mr. Lee's Class

De donde soy

yo soy de México,

donde Día de los Muertos se celebra

El olor a recién cocinar los alimentos y el canto.

Soy de elotes con queso

Donde se vende en todas partes en las calles

Soy de música hip hop

Donde se escucha todos los días

Soy de mi madre

Quién creció en México

Con una hija orgullosa para ser hispana

Soy de mi padre

Quién trabaja todos los días que Yo cebada puedo verlo.

Soy de una familia desordenada

que tiene a Brotheres provocando

. Soy de ser la única chica de la familia

donde se establecen las reglas.

Soy de una familia estricta

donde certien las cosas no están en voz alta.

Soy de luchas

para sacar buenas notas en la escuela.

Soy de donde están colgadas las fotos del bebé en la pared

. Soy de ser el más joven de la familia

. Soy de ser perezoso.

De ser alguien que quiere trabajar en ese objetivo.

Where I am from

I am from Mexico

Where Dia de los Muertos is celebrated

The smell of freshly cooked food and singing.

I am from elotes with cheese

Where they’re sold everywhere on the streets

I am from hip hop music

Where its listened to everyday

I am from my mom

Who grew up in Mexico

With a proud daughter to be Hispanic

I am from my dad

Who works every day that I barely get to see him.

I am from a messy family

Who has Brothers arguing

I am from being the only girl in the family

Where rules are set.

I am from a strict family

Where certain things aren’t allowed.

I am from struggles

To get good grades in school.

I am from where baby pictures are hung on the wall

I am from being the youngest in the family

I am from being lazy

To being someone who wants to work on their goal.

Link to More Poems

Each poem holds a special power to students, and they are works of self-awareness and acceptance, which we appreciate and value.


Meal Benefits

Families who are currently receiving meal benefits, who have not yet applied for meal benefits for the 2019-2020 school year, must reapply before October 15, 2019 to continue to receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch for their children.

The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and available through SchoolCafe.com.

All you need is your student’s ID number. If you don’t have that, you can call your school office

or the Meal Benefits line (503-356-3957).

If you have questions or need help, please call Laurie Bishop at Meal Benefits, (503)356-3957 or email us at NS-MealBenefits@beaverton.k12.or.us.

Fall Digital Citizen Week October 14-19



As part of the Future Ready pledge and Child Internet Protection Act, we will “work together to protect student privacy and to teach students to become responsible, engaged, and contributing digital citizens.” With this, it is our responsibility as a district to infuse schools with access and technology as well as provide training and support for teachers to use the tools and teach students the safe, legal and ethical use of technology.

Spring Conference Date Change

The spring conference dates have been adjusted to avoid conflicting with Ramadan. We will now have conferences on April 1 (4:00-8:00) and April 2 (8:00am-8:00pm). We will have no school on April 3.

Picking Up Students During the Day

When parents are checking out their children early from school, we request that they allow time to come into the school, and our office staff will then call for the students from classrooms. To protect instructional time, the students will remain in their classrooms until parents come in to sign their children out.


Please help us maintain our positive relationship with our neighbors by not parking in the apartment building spaces.

PTO Opportunities

Upcoming volunteer opportunities for the month:

October 15 - Safety backpack prep (stuff backpacks with emergency supplies) 12:45-2:30 Safety prep

10/15 - Volunteer Orientation @ 6:00pm

October 19 - Garden clean-up (9am-11am) Garden

October 23 - Clothes Closet ( assist at CC admin building) Clothes Closet day

October 25 - MS Bingo Night (now accepting prize donations) myimpactpage.com >opportunities >bingo nights

Ongoing opportunties:

Library helper - shelving, book covering, check-in/out, production Library help

Read To Me 500 - reading support for Kindergartners Read To Me

Wanna get more involved at RHS? Become a chairperson for a PTO committee! Openings:

  • Panther Pacers Coordinator (March 30 - June 2)
  • Bottle Drive Coordinator (every first Saturday from 10am - 1pm, truck/trailer required)
  • Co-coordinator for Volunteers (contact me lisamarquoit@gmail.com)

PTO Meeting on Tuesday

Please join the PTO meeting! A Spanish interpreter will be in attendance.