#AASL13 #SpaceTeam

#AstronautAcademy #CosPlay #Chopportunity @ #AASLUnCon

Join us!

We are meeting up to play SpaceTeam at the #AASL13 Unconference.


We are celebrating Dave Roman’s awesome space adventure Astronaut Academy by dressing up as characters from the story.

(Don't have a costume? Please don't let that stop you from joining us!)

When? Where?

Meet up at the AASL Unconference
Friday, Nov. 15th, from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
in the Marriott, Capital Ballrooms 1/2/3
We will be proposing a strand on Collaborative Gaming

Your hosts:

@MathewWinner & @LibLaura5

Spaceteam Introduction Trailer
Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry, by Dave Roman Book Trailer