Las Noticias de Octubre

Spanish Newsletter for October

¿Qué pasa en la clase de Español IV? (What are we doing in Spanish class?

Recently, we have been learning about Francisco Franco and the Spanish Civil War. We watched Butterfly, a Spanish film about the war. We also studied vocabulary with regards to the war. Vocab words include "la monarquía" and "iglesia católica," which mean monarchy and catholic church respectively. We have also studied fears by reading scary stories and viewing a commercial. A vocabulary word from that unit is "susurro," which means murmuring or whispering.

About the Spanish Civil War

"La guerra civil" was a war between republicans and nationalists in Spain. After nearly three years, the Nationalists overthrew the democratic government. Francisco Franco became the dictator of Spain for the next 36 years. Through executions during and after the civil war, Franco and the Nationalists killed between 50,000 and 200,000 people opposed to the rebellious cause according to Wikipedia.

JUST IN: Ferry to connect Costa Rica to El Salvador

A new ferry will be put into operation between Costa Rica and El Salvador. It costs about $1,200 to $1,500 per trip, which takes around 16 hours to complete. This will reduce traffic and the usage of public roads.