Friday Newsletter

News From 3D!

September 19, 2014

What an exciting week in 3rd grade at Stoy School! We kept busy as readers as we continued to practice Read to Someone and how to be an effective coach to our partner. We also used this CAFE strategy when we came across challenging words: skip the word, then come back. We practiced with both our partners and independently.

In math, we had our first quiz today on patterns, time, finding the difference, name collection boxes, and equivalent names for numbers. We will start off next week reviewing how to use calculators and money.

As writers, we listened to the read aloud Thank You, Mr. Falker to help us think about a person who has had a positive influence in our lives. Then we picked one person and thought about special moments with that individual. Lastly, we selected one of those memories and brainstormed all the details and small moments pertaining to it. This process will help us generate seed ideas for our personal narratives.

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Scholastic News: Students enjoying nonfiction and practicing the reading strategies we learned this week.

Looking Ahead

Week of 9/22/14

Spelling will start this week; test will be on Friday. Spelling words will be given on Monday and all homework will be due Friday.

Journeys will also start this week.

Please send and return the green Friday Folders.

If you haven't already done so, please send in earbuds with your child. We will be using them during Listen to Reading (Daily 5).

Please send in old magazines (ones you don't mind being cut) with your child as we will be decorating our writing notebooks. Your child can also bring in printed pictures from home.