Life In Spain

By: Mathew, Gibson, Blake, Malaysia

Family Size

The average family size in Spain is either 4 or 5 people in the family. It is common for most Spanish people to have about 2 kids in each family sometimes 3, they say "Its the perfect amount" The average age that people have kids in Spain is 30 years old and single parent families are not common.


The average age to marry in Spain is 34, they are not arranged like in other countries, they choose who they want to marry. Polygamy is not practiced in Spain and incest is not allowed in Spain

Marriage Procedures

Typically when they have weddings they have massive celebration. Sometimes they have close to at least 200+ guests and they invite extended family and even invite the whole village depending how close everyone is.

The Home

Usually the people that live home can be just the intermediate family and sometimes some extended family. The house is usually always ran by the man as an influence of the culture. The most common type of homes are apartments, local little house, "finca" estates with a lot of land and secluded, or just a "terreno" which is just a small piece of land


In Spain the most common place to get food is the markets and stores but eating at restaurants is also another big thing.


The working man in the house is the man but also kids sometimes they can start off at a fairly young age. The average income in Spain is $26,161.81 a year. The primary responsibilities are where the man bring in the money and the wife cooks and clean while the kids help with what they can.


Divorce has been legal in Spain but since the country became a democracy but, it is not easy for couples to get a divorce, they're are many unhappy couples because how expensive it is. Spain has one of the highest divorce rates, higher than 60%. To remarry a divorced person requires a legal declaration drawn up by a lawyer and legalized by a Spanish console in the country origin.

Descent Patterns

Property and heritage are passed down by matrilineal and patrilineal. The person who has authority is the patriarchy.