Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

What is the importance of multiplying and dividing decimals

Multiplying Decimals is Important

Multiplying decimals is important because if you want to buy 4 bags of strawberries and 1 pack is $2.43. You need to multiply 4 x 2.43 to get the price of all the strawberries.

How Many Times You Will Multiply Decimals

You will multiply decimals in the real world more than a billion times!

Pictures of Multiplication and Division Signs

Dividing Decimals is Important

Dividing Decimals is important because like if you have a bill for four people and all four peoples meal cost $20.00 combined you would divide 20.00 by 4 and you would get the amount of 1 persons meal.


Hopefully now that you have seen are smore you think that dividing and multiplying decimals is important.