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World Heritage Student Exchange

Explore different cultures--right in the comfort of your own home!

World Heritage is currently welcoming families to host our International high school exchange students for the 2014-15 school year. Students range in age from 15-18 years old and represent many different countries from around the world. Students come with their own medical coverage, provide their own spending money, and are looking forward to being involved in all aspects of family life.

Featured Student

Ana from Spain

Ana is a 14 year old girl who lives near the beach with her parents and sister in Northern Spain. Ana's parents and sister are all in the medical field; her sister works in a hospital and her Dad is a doctor and dentist, and her mother works with her father. Ana attends a Catholic HS and also has tutoring in some classes like English and Math. Outside of school, Ana also attends church every Sunday with her parents or friends and usually goes for a soft-drink afterwards. A friend of Ana's came to America last year, which is what got her interested in becoming an exchange student. "It would be very exciting for me to have this new experience." A perfect day for Ana would be to get up early have breakfast with her parents, go shopping and out to eat to lunch, then spend time with her friends in the evening. On the weekends Ana spends time visiting her grandparents on their farm--"there I have two dogs and animals; cows, horses, rabbits, etc." She also enjoys going to the cinema, listening to music and going to friends homes. Ana's extroverted personality and ability to integrate into any group will be very beneficial during her time in the US. She is ready to adapt to your family, home, food, etc. and wants to learn as much as she can from your culture. Ana is ready to share her Spanish culture with you too! "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, for hosting me, and helping me to better my education."
We currently have students from France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, China, Thailand, Japan, Azerbaijan & Russia (to name a few) who are ready to be placed with a host family. World Heritage students are personable, academically selected, conversant in English, bright, curious, excited and ready to learn about America by living as part of your family, attending high school and sharing their own culture and language with you.

To learn more visit: www.whhosts.com