Polish Texan

By Maurya Atluri

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Push Factors

One of the biggest push factor for the Polish to leave Poland was because of the strict laws of foreign dictators. Another reason was an epidemic of cholera andtyphus and floods that destroyed all their crops.

Pull Factors

The main reason for many polish people to come to Texas was cheap land because the Polish measured their wealth by the amount of land they had.

Polish Culture

The Polish culture is based very much on family. Most socializing is done inside of the home. A visitor in a Polish home can usually expect at least Kielbasa(Sausage) and Vodka. Men shake hands or touch a=cheeks. Ladies touch cheek. Ladies will normally be greeted by a kiss on the hand by men.
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Significant Individuals

The most significant of the Polish Texans was Father Leopold Moczygemba, a Fransiscan priest who wrote letters to friends wich caused a total of about 1500 Polish people to come to Texas in 3 years.

Polish Culture Trivia

In Poland, saying thank you before you get your change back means keep the change.

Polish people have the largest households in the European Union.

Poland has the highest unemployment rate and the lowest employment rate.

Polish people marry the youngest in the European Union.


Th Polish have affected Texas by bringing their culture into the society. There is evidence of Polish Texans today because of their many many settlements with a total of 228,309 Polish Texans.


The Polish affected Texas positively because they caused more settlements in Texas and brought many different traditions and customs with them.


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