The King of Kings


Zeus is the almighty God of Gods, the king of kings, the ruler of Mount Olympus. But he wasn’t just born into being a ruler. He earned that title by over throwing his father Cronus. He was the lucky one of the many swallowed gods by Cronus. He was saved by his mother and grew up in a cave to be kept safe from his father. Then after living in a cave and becoming a man he stepped up to his father

Thesis statment

In Cliffnotes.com, Zeus, is the most important God out of all the gods and he portrays as an image of power, determination, and bravery.

His help

For example, He had to fight his own father, Kronus, to earn his title as God of Gods.


“Zeus then led his siblings in revolt and overthrew his father” (cliffsnotes.com).


This shows how his bravery, determination, and power went into play and how he used the help of his siblings to take his father’s throne.


Even though Zeus has done some bad things we tend to forget that without the help of his mother and the battle between his father there wouldn't be any gods and Zeus would have spent eternity in the Underworld.

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