Red Panda

An Amazing Animal

Fact File

Name of animal : Red Panda

It lives : bamboo forests in China and Nepal

It eats : birds, eggs, insects,fish and berries

It can: Climb on trees

Interesting facts about the animal : the Red Panda hunt his food in the night

Describe The Animal You Chose

How it is look: it small and furry.

It color is red, and some white and blak

Adorable Red Panda Funny Supercut Compilation 2014

Why This Animal Unique?

I think this animal is unique because it is beautiful and it is in danger of extinction.

Compare: red panda - panda

Same: they are climb on trees

different: red panda is small and original panda is big.

A Pet?

Yes, because it is cute and furry. Also it is friendly and fun to play with him.