Physicist Research Mini Project

By: Bianca Medina

Roger Penrose

Date Of Birth: August 8th 1931- Present

Brief Summary

Roger Penrose was born on August 8th 1931 in Colchester,England. He received his undergraduate degree from University College, London, and went straight to Cambridge for his doctorate degree. He studied black holes with Stephen hawking a well known British Physicist. In his lifetime he won many awards for his contributions to mathematics and physics, which included, The Eddington Medal and the Royal Society Royal Medal.
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Degrees Earned in his lifetime

  • Roger Penrose received his B.Sc. degree with first class honors in Mathematics in London College.
  • Received doctorate Degree from Cambridge University.
  • Promoted to professor of Applied Mathematics.
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Major Contributions

  • Published his articles titled "A generalized inverse for matrices in the Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society".
  • Introduced the "Twistor Theory" in an attempt to unite relativity and quantum theory.
  • Published his first volume of "Spinors and space-time" in 1984
  • Published the " Shadows of the mind: A Search for the missing science of consciousness" in 1994