Amicalola Falls

By Caden

Tumbling Waters!

Can you hear it? The smooth waters of Amicalola Falls slapping the rocks all the way at the bottom? Allllllll the way at the huge Blue Ridge mountains. I bet you could if you were there.

Down to the facts.

To begin with, Amicalola Falls is a natural 729 feet waterfall. On the humongous Blue Ridge Mountains discovered by Cherokee. Who named it after tumbling waters. I suppose it’s a perfect name for one of the worlds tallest waterfalls!

Since then, its probably had plenty of water erosion and weathering. It gets it water source from little Amicalola Creek. Its also in the Cherokee territory . Imagine that! I wonder if they were the first to disover it though.

Naturally, where theres water theres wildlife! Trout and Fish roam its waters. While tiny squirrels and raccoons and rabbits. With white tailed Dears and Giant Bears and the bluest of Bluebirds. With swallows and sparrows soaring over the oaks of nature.

The Grand finally!

To sum things up, We have a 729 feet tall waterfall discovered by Cherokee. With your normal wildlife but this waterfall is not normal at all. Thousands of tons of tourist go there every day. Will you be one of them?

I chose this topic because I’ve never seen a real waterfall so why not start with the highest?