Multiply, add. divide, subtract Integers

Adding Integers

To add integers, you need to know what one is. An integer is a number like 1 2 -3 -3 and so on. Zero is niether positive or negative. First, lets use the problem 2 + -4. First you add 2+4 which is 6. Now we see which number is larger. 4 is larger than two, so the answer is negative just like 4. Your final answer is -6.

Subtracting Integers

To subtract integers, you need to "Add the opposite". This mmeans that if the second number is positive, we make it negative, vise versa. For example, 6 - -7 now, 7 is negative so we make it positive seven. we also make the subtraction sign a plus sign. You should get 13 for your final answer.

Multiplying integers

To multiply integers you need to know the rules. The product of two positive integers is positive. The product of two negative integers is negative. The product of a positive and negative integer is negative. You multiply just like normal.

Dividing integers

The first step in dividing Integers rewriting the problem using multiplication. The 2nd step is to use mental math to solve the multiplicatin problem. Once you do this, you can divide integers! Now move on with your life.