Emily Rose Parham

Introducing Me


My name is Emily Rose Parham, but I go by Rose. I'm a senior at Habersham Central High School in the lovely mountains of Georgia.

About Me...

I love reading and literature.. but my favorite subject is probably history, especially world history. In college I will probably major in Anthropology; I find various cultures and their individual beliefs fascinating! I would love to be able to find a job that allows me to study ancient religions. I'll probably end up studying at UGA.. but I haven't completely decided yet. I took AP biology as a sophomore and loved it, so I thought that AP environmental science would also be really fun to do! I've always done very well in my courses so I expect to do well in this one as well.. I hope to learn a lot of neat things! I've taken French I with GaVS in the past and I'm currently taking French II online with another system.

My Favorites...

I love fantasy and Sci-fi. I tend to read more fantasy and watch more sci-fi. My favorite book series is probably Harry Potter, but I also love Mists of Avalon. I love the TV shows Doctor Who and Star Trek. I enjoy Monty Python movies and The Princess Bride. I mostly listen to alternative and indie/folk music. I also really like oldies from the 60's and 70's.