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Types of Other Non- Metals Availble

Other Non-Metals includes Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Selenium.
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  • Atomic Number: 1
  • Atomic Mass Number: 1.008
  • In monatomic form it is the most abundant chemical substance in the world
  • First artificially produced in 16th century through the mix of metals and acids


  • Atomic Number: 6
  • Atomic Mass: 12.011
  • Forms the basis for all known life on Earth (carbon cycle)
  • 4th most abundant element in the universe
  • 15th most abundant element in the Earth's crust


  • Atomic Number: 7
  • Atomic Mass Number: 14.007
  • 78% of the Earth's atmosphere
  • 7th most abundant element on Earth
  • Liquefies: 195.79 degrees Celsius
  • Freezes: -210.01 degrees Celsius


  • Atomic Number: 15
  • Atomic Mass Number: 30.973
  • Comes in white, red, and black


  • Atomic Number: 8
  • Atomic Mass Number: 15.999
  • Discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, 1773 and Joseph Priestley, 1774


  • Atomic Number: 16
  • Atomic Mass Number: 32.06
  • 10th most abundant element in the universe
  • Makes sulfuric acid which is used in fertilizers, lead-based batteries, and industrial processes


  • Atomic Number: 34
  • Atomic Mass Number: 78.971
  • Used in solar cells, photo cells, electric eyes, etc
  • Conducts electricity based on how much sunlight is being shined on it

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