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Year 5 WOW Day

I have been fortunate to be a part of the Year 5 WOW days that have been running over the last three weeks. Seeing the amazing work that can be achieved be groups of teachers collaborating outside their subject areas has been a breath of fresh air.

If you were unaware of the project, students from our local feeder schools have been taking part in activities in Sport, Science, Maths, English and ICT. Each session was tied together using our Specialism as the catalyst. Feedback from the students was amazing and a genuine "buzz" could be sensed around the school.

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Below are some articles that have been shared with me via Twitter. Some great tips on things you can do in your classroom, ideas about pedagogy and inspiration to develop your teaching and learning. Teachers are starting to keep blogs of their own learning which can become a hugely valuable resource for other teachers.