ESOL Department

Professional Learning Community

March 23, 2015

Celebrating Success and Learning From Failure

Learning Intentions: By the end of the day you will...

  • have a deeper level of mastery of the ELPA 21 Standards.
  • understand the similarities and differences of current practices across grade levels and buildings.
  • understand the curriculum mapping framework and process.

Success Criteria: By the end of the day you will...

  • articulate how the ELPA 21 Standards impact you and your instructional practices.
  • have a plan which outlines your next steps in the mapping process.
  • explain where we are going and how we are going to get there.

ELPA 21 Standards- Heidi Messbarger HCESC Title III Consultant

How do the new standards affect what I do and how I do it?

Lunch 11:30-12:30


Scenario 1: Lindsy, Emily, Pam, Vicki, Jen, Janene

Scenario 2: Jenna, Sara, Laura, Mika, Katie, Clara, KC

Where are we now? Reflection and Collaboration



Option 1: divide into grade level groups (K-1 and 2-4)

Option 2: divide into proficiency level groups (prefunctional and beginning/intermediate)

Secondary: 5-12

Please follow and complete the discussion guide as a group. The discussion guide can be found in Google Classroom.

What is next?

ERD- Wednesday

  • Begin the process of organizing what you are currently doing in your groups (time, sequence, resources, strategies, etc.)
  • Familiarize yourselves with the Mapping Framework


  • Use what you are currently doing to begin filling in the Q1 Mapping template
  • Discuss programming options

4th Quarter PLC meeting (May)

  • Working in grade level/proficiency level groups- complete quarter 1 and quarter 2 Curriculum Map drafts
  • Evaluate and decide on resources and materials


Session 1-Early June

  • Complete quarter 3 and 4 Curriculum Map drafts

Session 2-End of June

  • Revise, edit, finalize quarters 1-4 Curriculum Maps


  • Refine Curriculum Maps
  • Create standards based progress reports (Elementary)
  • Create online learning modules using Blackboard (Secondary)