Michael J. Strand


About the Artist

Michael Strand lives in Fargo, North Dakota, which is where his studio is also located. He works as the Department Head and Professor of Art at North Dakota State University. He received his BFA in ceramics in 1994 at St. Cloud State University, North Dakota and his Master's in painting in 1996. He then moved to Nebraska and attended UNL and earned his MFA.

Michael is married to Michelle Strand, who is a physics teacher. They have two sons ages 10, Malcolm, and 7, Ian.

His Work


Michael is an influential ceramist who has received many honors. His work has been published internationally with articles in Ceramics Technical, Studio Potter, Public Art Review, and many more. He recently has had his latest project cited in the Yale University Press publication.

I really like Strand's plates. They are bold and graphic which is what drew me to them. He is very versatile and has many different styles which I also like. The top picture is very different than the one below it, but both are original and appealing.

Erin Miller