SeaWorld Vs. Killer whale Welfare

Which side are you on ????????

Sea Pens Vs. Holding tanks

Sea World wanted to use their holding tanks for their killer whales. But the killer whale welfare they wanted to allow sea pens only. So they had an debate over what should be taken into percussion. Then the welfare said no anyway and ended up winning the battle. They made that a deal because they agreed it was best for the killer whale's habitat.

Moving the killer whales?

When moving the killer whales it is very hurtful and dangerous. They get lifts which are mad out of a large tarp , can hurt the killer whales skin. They lift them up drop them into the sea pen or holding tanks. The killer whale is then put into an unfamiliar environment that it has never seen before. The killer whale is then stuck in this environment for as long as he/she lives!!

Two Quotes From your article

1. Experts disagree whether the move is an success - They are debating over the fact of the sea pens or sea tanks.

2. Animal welfare activists say critics dismiss the pens because they don't want to consider an alternative to keeping the killer whales in captivity. - They are fighting over the option of keeping them in captivity or setting them free

Important Vocabulary

1. Killer whales- They are the orcas

2. Activists- They are the people against sea pens and holding tanks

3.Sea World- The place the orcas are located

4.pneumonia - A lung diesese kekio had ( A killer whale)

5.Caretakers- The people that care for the orcas

Main idea!

Main idea of the article: The main idea is asking people the question is it safer for killer whales to move to a sea pen or stay in a concrete enclosure.

Authors Purpose

To Inform, to inform the readers about killer whale habitats.

Questions and Answers

1.Should killer whales be released ? = Yes, because they are captive and it feels like a bathtub and drives them insane.

2. How does the story of keikos death affect the issue of killer whale welfare?= Some people are using the story sea pens aren't safe.


Paragraph 1= movies and articles

Paragraph 2= Why they aren't cariatides to go into the wild

Paragraph 3= Why sea pens are dangerous

Paragraph 4= Breed ban/ the movie blackfish

Paragraph 5= A free whale and it's gaining of lung disease

Paragraph 6= The debate about what's best for the orcas

He orginzed it by cause and effect