soar sanford

feb 5


I was able to capture a lot of the TESTING that has been going on in the building. For example, the testing of designs from STEM and hands-on, student created products that involve collaboration and problem solving. This is the kind of instruction and learning experiences that we should strive for daily in our classrooms. Pictures include testing parachutes, gliders, and bridges that could hold 200 pennies....

Classroom based activities

What student created products are your students creating? What hands-on learning opportunities are you providing students? What resources in your classroom are you using? Here are some pics from classrooms this week:

After School

The third grade team has launched their four day a week after school program to prepare for SOL tests. Fourth grade is meeting with students after school to prepare for SOL tests. Other programs are about to get launched. Thanks to the teachers and students who are putting in this extra work that will make us all smarter.

Action Items Observational Look-Fors

Observational Look-Fors

This week walkthroughs will focus on identifying evidence of formative assessment including recording formative assessment information in the lesson (the clipboard). Remember, ITS NOT FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

Instruction that responds to Benchmark and PALS Data

Complete Talent Ed Requirements: Mid Year Report and Student Survey Reflection (due today, Feb. 5)

We will have visitors in the building on Tuesday from 11-1; please be prepared that they may visit your classroom, and the focus is on students being engaged in academic work (learning targets posted, activities aligned with the curriculum, all students engaged)

UPcominG eVenTs

Feb 5 Talent ED: Please make sure Goal Setting for Student Progress Form-Mid Year AND Student Summary Reports are updated in Talent Ed

Feb 8 Report cards go home

Feb 8 Reading PD for grades 3-5 3:10 (location TBA by Barbara)

Feb 9 Observational Walk-through with NNPS central office 11:00-1:00

Feb 10 Take Flight Day 3:10

Feb 15 No School-President’s Day

Feb 16 Lead Team Meeting 3:10

Feb 17 David Adams meets with grades 3, 4, 5

Feb 18 100th Day of School

Feb 23 Lead Teachers to VADOE Training (location TBA)

Feb 25 Family Movement and Music Night and 2nd grade performance 6:00

March 2 Dr. Seuss Day