The Boy on the Wooden Box

Leon Leyson

Similarities of Leon's Father and Mr. Frank

1. They both will take control of the situation and are good at solving problems.

2. They both are the "man of the house".

3. They both survive the war.

4. They both get sent to a camp at one point.

Differences of Leon's Father and Mr.Frank

1. Leon's father has a work permit that keeps the Nazis from taking him a few times and Mr. Frank doesn't.

2. Mr. Frank goes into hiding but Leon's father doesn't.

3. Mr. Frank is very bitter at the beginning but Leon's father is optimistic.

A Pivotal Action Taken by Leon Leyson

Leon had the choice to stay in the ghetto instead of getting sent off to the camp with his mother, but instead he sneaks out of the ghetto with the rest of the Jews and goes to the concentration with his mother. He chose to do this because he had been with his mother through all this and he couldn't leave her now. If he stayed at the ghetto he probably would have died of starvation but going to the concentration camp wasn't a life guarantee either.