Weekly Newsletter / May 27, 2016

Contact Outline

To better help guide you on who to contact, please see a breakdown below:

Non Stock- Dave Weaver

ETA & Out of Stock- Logistics

New Item Request - Candyce

Product Specific Questions- Jim

Pricing (two hour response time)- aberdeen_pricing@gfs.com

Controlled & Break/Split Requests (two hour response time)- aberdeen_inventory@gfs.com


Below, you will find a breakdown by category/subgroup of each Logistics Analyst (Buyer). This will help guide you on who to contact.

Netesha Herbert - Grocery & Bakery, DOT

Nathan Foxx - Non Food

Jay Nolan- Center of the Plate

Karen Milanese- Produce & Dairy

New Items in STOCK!!!

Multi Day Lead Highlights

Looking for Point of Sale? We have you covered!

Gordon Food Service Branded Point of Sale

Looking for sales materials for brands? Click on this button review a file of Gordon Food Service brand Point of Sale. This is a great way to review content to the Mid Atlantic Division only; not to mention to review stocked branded items.

Corporate Capabilities Point of Sale

Looking for those materials that help tell the story of "Who we are" and "What we can do", by clicking this button you will be able to review those materials that tell this story. This is a great piece for New or Potential Customers

Mid-Atlantic Insider

Our weekly Insider can be found on the Mid-Atlantic site under Marketing Information.

This is a great resource to view market trends, new items, and discontinued items.


New Item Requests

We have seen great success in the team using the New Item Request form!!

As a reminder, there are two ways to submit new item requests. First, the established spreadsheet is a valuable time-saver and is recommended when a CDS is submitting multiple new items in one sitting. Second, the new item form can be used to populate one new item at a time. I have included a link below for both resources. I would imagine you will become comfortable with one format and stick with that, it is totally up to you!





To keep track of your request, visit the below link which will take you to the Master- New Item Request Form. Marketing continues to work on these requests each day.


Active Stock List: Updated List Availible

You will find an updated Active Stock list on the Mid-Atlantic site. This list includes MDL as well as controlled items.