Keys to Success - Creating a Smore

Administrative Professionals Conference - April 22, 2015

Tools needed to create amazing smores

Create and personalize a smore newsletter by choosing from a library of tools provided through this website! In addition to the tools provided on the website, you need your imagination and creativeness!

Below are the smore tools that are part of the website, the second option found at the bottom of the smore, features three additional tools:

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Characteristics of each tool:

Text: Includes two sections:

Title- which is a larger font and appears in bold print.
Text - which is a smaller font, but rich text includes, underlining, bold, bullets, numbers, hyperlinks.

Title: Allows a title to be hyperlinked and appears in bold font. No additional text box is with this tool. This title option allows the text to have a picture featured with it. By clicking on the side arrows of the box, you can insert the picture on the right or the left of the text box.

Picture: Allows for one large picture (centered) or three small pictures to be inserted that stretch across the smore. The three pictures may include a title (in bold) and a description to be inserted below the picture. This is an option and not a requirement for the pictures.

Gallery: Three pictures same as noted in the picture section. It allows pictures and text, or by hitting the side arrow, the text option can be eliminated.

Event: An event example is shown below. The event allows for a title, Date and time, location, details regarding the event, and a RSVP option. Please note the RSVP function witll allow the visitors to RSVP for the event and email directly to you when a guest RSVP's.

Bio: This provides the information noted at the end of the smore. It contains the title , description. picture, facebook and twitter accounts, email, phone,etc.

Audio: An audio URL can be inserted. The Smore only uses SoundCloud currently.

Continue listing the other tools........

Video: The video URL can be inserted, using YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler.

Embeded Link: You may enter or paste a link to embed it in your smore. YouTube, Vimeo and Shoplocket links may be used.

Currently two additional tools are available with the icons at the bottom of the smore including:

Form: This allows a Woofoo or Google URL to be embedded.

Button: This provides the appearance of a "button" to be clicked on to link to a website. Text may be inserted below the box to provide more information regarding the link.

*Please note - the form and button inserts will only appear below the bio box at the end of the form.

Smore features:

The Smore offers the designer the choice of backgrounds, colors, and fonts. Once purchased the account will offer the pro background which allows for the designer to use custom backgrounds.

The custom backgrounds specifications include:

  • Must be a JPG image.
  • Must be at least 1,500x1,000 pixels.
  • At most 10MB.

Snip it is a handy tool to use for saving pictures....

Snip it can be added to your tool bar through windows. It is easily accessible, and allows for pictures to be saved easily.

This is what the Event icon looks like:

Smore class

Wednesday, April 22nd, 9am-3pm

2500 Northeast 65th Avenue

Vancouver, WA

* Option provided with this event tile to have the participants RSVP and to have an email sent to the author every time there is an RSVP submitted

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

This is what the Button icon looks like:


click here for options

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Hand out Provided!

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