The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Character Analysis


Bruno is a young boy living in Berlin during the holocaust.His father is a Nazi soldier so he is a Nazi.He loves playing outside with his friends and go on adventures. He is forced to move to a boring place where he meets a special friend, Shmuel.


A nine year old Jew who is stuck in a concentration camp. He is stuck with a lot of families on the bad side of the fence. Bruno was on an adventure when he came across Shmuel. Bruno visited his friend almost everyday and brought him food. They had a lot in common and we're even born on the same day!


Also known by the 'Hopeless Case', is Bruno's older sister. She always fought with Bruno and always bossed around Bruno. She had a crush on Lieutenant Kurt Kotler, which Bruno thought was disgusting.


Father is a Nazi Military Commandant. His job relocated there family to Poland, outside a concentration camp which he ran. He is constantly out of the house or in the office. He believed that work was the most important thing.


Mother is determined and when she wants something she gets it. She is tall with long red hair that always keeps her hair up. She relies on there maid, Maria. She tries to keep the children hidden from what's going on in the world. While they were at Out-With she does not like it and realizes its a very bad place. She cannot stand it there and thinks it's not a appropriate place for children.


She is the family made but mainly takes care of Bruno and Gretel. Her and Bruno are very close and get along very well. She is very quiet around Father and Mother but treats Bruno like her own. She travels everywhere with the family and lives with them. Father pays for all of her stuff.