My Spontaneous Summer Trip!

To Nashville Tennessee.

Earth Science

My trip had a lot to do with earth science. I got to go on a Segway tour and we rode around and were told about Tennessee's land. In some parts it's city like and in others its all green. We learned that right in the city there was a cave but had been ruined by all the construction. A lot of the city was damaged because of a flood.

About The Trip Overall (Intersting parts)

This trip was especially fun because I got to see my first ever concert at Bridgestone Arena. I saw Wiz Khalifa, Fall Out Boy and Hoodie Allen. Nashville is known for country music so it was cool I got to see my first concert where music is really big. For part of the trip we stayed in a hotel with a huge pool so I went late night swimming. Also, as you saw we went on Segway tours. Even though it started raining for 10 minutes the whole trip and it happened to be in the middle of the tour... we still had a ton of fun! Nashville has beautiful weather!

Things You Should Know About Me.

My name is Lily. I love to dance. I have been taking classes since I was 5. Although I quit and played sports for a couple years... (opps) I ended up back in doing what is so much fun in my free time. Another thing is that I have 2 brothers, 2 dogs, 2 parents and then theres me. My favorite animals are ducks. When I grow up I want to either be a Vet or own a rescue center for runt ducks and I will be a duck lady. And I have to admit. Another one of my hobbies is laying on the couch and watching Youtube/Netflix/etc. But hey! We all do it once in a while! :)