Sugar Gliders

Arianna D. 8-224

About the Sugar Gliders

The Sugar Glider gets its name from the nectarous foods and its way of gliding through the air like the flying Squirrel. The Sugar Glider can usually be found in the Northern and Eastern parts of Australia. They are mostly found in the forrests of Australia in the eucalyptas tree. Since they are nocturnal they sleep during the day in their nests and at night you can find them gliding around hunting their food. Their diet moestly consists of insects and small vertebrates. They also enjoy the sweet sap of the eucalyptas, acacia, and gum trees. Their ability to glide is caused by the flapps or membranes of loose skin that extend between the fifth finger to the first toe of each foot. Once the animal is in the air it can glide for up to 50 meters by leaping from the tree and spreading its flapps it glides off. The Sugar glider are fortunatley not endangered but people are taking these animals out of their homes to use as pets even though they should be ou tin the wild where they can glide around.
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