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March 2016

The Latte Effect: What Your Starbucks Really Costs

By Esha M.

The trick to finishing rich is to look at the small things you spend money on every day. That is what the “Latte Effect” is all about. Americans spend around $5 a day on coffee if you think about the average cost of a Starbucks drink. It may not seem that much, but if you add it up, you might be surprised. If you buy three coffees a week, you spend $15 a week and that slowly adds up to $1,100 a year! And believe or not, it was all wasted on coffee. This money could be used for a new X-Box, clothes, a car, etc. You can also take that money and save it for college or anything else. It would really benefit you. Americans don’t even realize how much money they spend on coffee until they get the paycheck.

The word “Latte Effect” does not necessarily just mean coffee, though. It generalizes everything from daily magazines to fast food. Sometimes people can’t even help it -- old habits maybe, like eating out. Some people are lazy and may not seem to have a care in the world to make food, so why not spend $15 dollars at some fast food place, right? Well no, eating out is bad for your health as well as your money. Who knows what they put in that food! Instead, you could stay home and eat a nice salad or something else healthy. Your wallet, as I said, gets hurt too, since rarely does a plate at a restaurant cost less than $5.

Another reason why we should control on how much we spend and not go overboard is because there are health reasons, too. Caffeine is unhealthy and the amount of people in America that are obese is surprising. The average person ate 20% more calories in the year 2000 than in the year 1983. If we keep on doing this, who knows how we’ll be in a couple of years from now.

If you want to know how much money you could save or how much money you spend, here is the link to the website: Latte Effect Calculator

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

By: Nathan K. and Ethan D.

In only two days, the tickets brought in $100 million. As of press time, this move hauled in $764.4 million and counting. Star Wars - The Force Awakens is still growing with ticket sales and fan base at a fast pace

Star Wars The Force Awakens is a great movie because it has a lot of action. Never moving slowly, Star Wars was giving an action packed adventure of fear, excitement and depression. Just like the classic Star Wars, (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of The Clones, and Revenge of The Sith) an evil group is on the rise, and Rey and Finn must stop them with the help of some others. One thing that is nice about this movie is that you can watch this one without seeing all of the other Star Wars movies.The plot is nearly new which makes it a perfect entry to the Star Wars fanbase.

This movie is about a girl named Rey who is a scrapper on the planet of Jakku. She lives like a slave in an abandon At-At walker (which is like a giant 4 legged war machine). When she finds a BB driod unit that had been taken by another junker she enters into a new life. After meeting friends she will have to fight and take down The First Order the new villain empire.

Go and see Star Wars The Force Awakens in the theater because of the sound effects, the atmosphere of Star Wars fanatics, adventure, and for a guaranteed fun time.

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Listen, Slowly: Worth the Read

By Joyce Z.

For those of you that have read most of the Mock Newberry books, chances are, you might have picked up the book Listen, Slowly. If you’re wondering if it’s good or not, let me tell you, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Before we even begin to discuss Listen, Slowly, let’s talk about Thanhha Lai, the author. Before releasing Listen, Slowly, she released Inside Out & Back Again, another great read. Lai grew up in Vietnam, but moved to America after fleeing from the Vietnam War. She graduated from a university in Texas. Currently, she lives in the Big Apple.

Her first book, Inside Out & Back Again, tells a story much like her own. Her second book, Listen, Slowly, is quite the opposite. It spins a tale of an Asian- American girl, Mai. Mai was born in America, but her father and mother were both born in Vietnam. The summer that Mai is eleven, her family decides to go back to Vietnam, to aide her father’s mother in finding her husband, Mai’s long-lost grandfather. Little does Mai know, the trip was going to be one of the most craziest adventures one can have.

I can relate to this book in many ways. One of the reasons is that I am also Asian- American. It is very easy to relate to Mai’s words, because it feels as if she and I are one. It was so alluring, I read the book in one sitting!

Another reason that- mostly all of you guys- can relate to is that she is around the same age as all of you. Due to that fact, that means she is as naive and inexperienced you. When she finds out that she is going to Vietnam for the summer, at first, she is devastated, but when she goes to Vietnam, she learns that Vietnam is very different- but a good different- from America.

In conclusion, Listen, Slowly is one of the most mystical, majestic books I have ever read that depicts Asia in a beautiful matter.

Beacons of Hope

By Nyah WL

We have been so lucky as a school the Mr. Heffernan, visited Cambodia. He has brought back so many new things for us to learn about. Including, poverty and overpopulation. As we know Asia is very overpopulated and Africa is in a lot of poverty. A 6th grader just returned from Africa over winter break and I wanted to let you know a little bit about what is going on in Africa. Specifically, Kenya. There is a non for profit organization that has three branches. There are different branches that help kids that have no education and mothers that have been jailed.

The first branch, is New Dawn. As you know, many countries are in Africa are in poverty and when people have nothing they turn to crime. People will steal things that they need, such as food or clothes, or believe it or not water. So if women steal things and get caught they are put into jail. The New Dawn branch takes care of the kids that parents have been jailed. When the mother is released they are placed in a halfway house and New Dawn helps the mother and child reconnect. The kids are taken in, and cared for, they are taught the basic learnings along with basic life skills that will help them when their mothers come back, plus they learn the faith of the lord. Within 9 years they have developed a campus with two buildings that hold two classrooms, staff workspace, a library, a science lab, and an atrium. New Dawn serves kids in secondary school. They have had, seven classes graduate. After the kids the school helps the kids get on their feet and get into various Kenyan schools. The kids in New Dawn know that they need to work hard in school in order to get out of poverty in Africa.

Now New Dawn teaches kids from 9th grade to senior year, but their next school branch teaches and helps kids from preschool to 8th grade, Bethel Outreach. As of 2006, Bethel Outreach was helping 350 kids. In the smaller towns of Kenya, parents can't give the proper foundation to their kids, they either don't have jobs or they work inconsistently as day laborers. With this many people turn to manufacturing and selling illegal drugs and alcohol to earn money. With parents doing this they are leaving their children with no sense of security. In 2006 three adults in a large slum in Kenya, Kibera, started a school that is helping these kids gaining a sense of security, a bright education that will lead them to New Dawn, and a safe place for them to worship the word of God and a place for them to be kids.

The third and last branch of Saba International is similar to Bethel Reach but it's not a school. As, you might already know most parents are single mom's and with not a lot of job opportunities and a child that you have to care for it's a pretty hard life. Mothers turn again to crime, and alcohol, what the mother is put in jail, the Nest takes action and if there are no other relatives that are capable of caring for the kid, Kenya's government gives the Nest full custody. The Nest teaches the kids basic life skills and lets the kids regularly get to see their mom's in prison.

My family has been fortunate to be able to partake in this wonderful thing. I have a cousin that was adopted from the Nest. He is one of my favorite cousins that I have. He has a very interesting story. When his birth mom was pregnant she told a cheap drink that affected his brain. With taking alcohol when you're pregnant the child will have fetal alcohol syndrome. This is caused by any alcohol beverage. This causes the child to go through depression but not know why, and get really emotional. Many other mothers in Kenya do this, they will be working home from work and someone will sell them this alcohol for about a penny and they will drink it to wash away all their worries. Without knowing that this will affect their kid. My uncle is in the air force and when he was in Kenya, they adopted Chris from the Nest and completed our family. He is a symbol to the kids in the Nest that anyone could love you and anyone can change your life and make it better by giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. Chris is a fantastic cousin and I learn new things about him everyday and his smile lights up the whole world.

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Pencil Wars - by Esha M

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Dumb Sharks - by Justin

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