Principal Update

November 14th, 2014

Monday Jeans and Jerseys

Wear jeans and jerseys to “kick off” the book fair on Monday!

Book fair hours will be noon to 6pm.

United Way Today

Take a minute to open up your United Way email and donate today! One dollar or one million, that is your choice. Help BSE hit the 80% or higher participation goal this year!

I wonder how many of us will spend up to $20.00 on "fun" this weekend? Maybe you could donate and subtract a tiny amount of fun from one of your weekends or a few?

Thanks to all of you who have donated!

Kona Ice Thank You...

I want to thank you all for taking the extra time and energy to count cash for the Kona Can's fundraiser. This extra burden on you is not my favorite, however I do want you to know that our student council selected the fundraiser as it matched up with what is a normal time for them to collect food for our local organizations. The school will get a quality return on the $$ from this event, so your extra efforts will be rewarded. Again, thank you for your patience, effort, and smiles during this "extra" event. The reschedule date will be determined early next week. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHUT DOWN KONA ORDERS AS OF TODAY. Many students asked if they could bring in more orders. IF YOU WANT TO DENY THIS, NO PROBLEM, IF YOU WANT TO ALLOW IT, YOUR CHOICE.

Thanks to Jennifer Mulvaney for her help with the student council and collection/delivery of food next Saturday.

Staff Meeting - Wednesday November 19th - Library- 8AM Start

Fatima Rich - Leading us through F/P Benchmark and LLI intervention kits.

Coffee Provided

Follow up training by grade level Nov. 20 and 24 - Mandatory (dates have been sent) Can't make your grade level date, let me know and we can get you to another.

RTI Math Update

Please utilize Aimsweb Mcomp and Mcap (use what is best for the deficit area) for progress monitoring for the math RTI process. You do NOT have to enter into the computer, however you can if you so desire.

Please continue to explore different, FREE, math programs and apps for rotations.

During long evaluation I am seeing quality engagement in rotations via

Kelly Stewart will pilot the full MobyMax product the next few months and if it is worthy we can add it to our options, as it is affordable.

7 - Hours Training/PD/Meetings Clarification

As you know the contract/handbook for the 2013-2014 school year allotted 7 total hours of extra meeting time for all elementary schools. In our school improvement plan we highlighted the following meetings for these hours.

NWEA Data Review by grade level - Fall, Winter, Spring - Total 3 Hours

LLI - Next Week - 1 Hour

After next week I'll still have the potential to arrange 3 more purposeful meetings specific to your team or for the staff, all based on our school improvement plan. As you may remember I have also offered you choice within these three hours.

If you participated in the one or more of the "conferring" after school trainings you have been credited one or two hours. Essentially I am eager to have you attend after school training that is offered by Dr. Loane, as it is very specific to our school improvement plan. I'll always advertise meetings for "credit" prior to their happening.

Any "other" professional development activities that you participate in are greatly appreciated and should be documented for your evaluation at the end of the year. You will be given great respect in points for the professional standards, these however, are not part of the total 7.

Keep your eyes out for other credited before or after school PD that is connected to our school improvement plan to secure any hours you would like. Any remaining hours you have will be scheduled through me with some purposeful development/meeting.

Still have questions, just talk with me.

Winter Party - December 19th

Kinder and 1st Grade - 10AM

2/3/4/ - 2PM

All Parents/Family Invited

Educational Showcase or Party - You work with your room parent and decide what is best.

Room Parent Info is available via Gwen McVeigh


Mrs. Grant is gone so we will need someone to take over the year book process. Let me know if you are interested or if you already signed up!
Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes