What it Costs to Eat

When people decide to eat they do not consider the workers. People want to get there food at the lowest prices but that is not the best way. People do not consider what will happen to the workers like lower prices lower wages for the workers. When people go the the store and pay a small amount on a item the people should think what will happen to the workers. Over all when we go and eat food people need to think about how there food got here.

To the People of the U.S

August 19 ,1920

To the People of the U.S

Dear 21 century people of America. Yesterday was the day that the 18th Amendment was ratified. It was very close it came down to one state that then came down to one person that switched at the last second. When we where trying to get the amendment ratified we got put into a workhouse for no reason. We where political prisoners at occupancy work house. We where forced fed wen we went on a hunger strike. When we where in the workhouse we got a letter out of the workhouse about the honorable things going on in the workhouse. when that letter got it outraged the public.

Now that you know what we went through you can still make a difference. There might not be something as big as voting. But there are things you can do to make a deference and a better world. If you are a women and you have equality to men then there is a race group that does not have equality. You can help them get equality just like i helped get equality between women and men. There is something you can do to make a better world.

The League of Nations

The League of Nations was an international body to protect the independence of all countries . So in the photo the rabbit that is reprinting the the league of nations. Is trying to protect agents other countries trying to take the independence of other countries. The snake is repenting the people that want to take over other countries.

How Hawaii Came to Be

When the evil king Kauai died his even more evil sister Liliuokalani took over and became queen. The Honorable queen was a Hawaiian nationalist that did not want anything to do with the bayonet Constitution. In January 1893 she announces her evil plane to get the island back from the nice american. In responses to this the Americans wanted to talk to talk nicely to the evil queen. But the evil queen did not want anything to do with that. So the nice american wanted to get the island governed by the U.S. When the United states citizens where being killed and forced out the american minster of Hawaii used the united states marines to bring back peace to the island and did it by stopping the queen from doing anything to gain back control. On January 17 1893 the evil queen gave up her power and Stanford b.Dole was elected president of Hawaii until the united states annexed Hawaii.
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Know Your Place Shut Your Face

To keep our troops safe we need to make compromises. If your family member went out to fight the war and they have told you where there stationed at do not tell anyone. We all need to do this to keep our troops safe and out of harm way.

1890s-1920s CLASSIFIEDS

What caused the U.S. to get involved in world war 1

When world war 1 broke out the U.S. did not jump in right a way. But when they did there war two main things that happened. The first one was Germany sent a telegram to mexico that the U.S. intersected and decoded. The telegram stated that if mexico goes to a land war with the united states then when the allied powers win mexico will get all of the land that the U.S. took from them. The second reason was when a German u boat sunk a ship with over 100 U.S. citizens. This outraged the public and they wanted to go to war. These are some of the reasons that the united states went to war.

Charlie Chaplin and the Film industry

Charlie Chaplin childhood was in London and during that time his family went through poverty and hardships. When he was growing up his father was no ware to be seen and his mother was in a mental asylum he went into the film industry. At the age of nine he went to a workhouse twice. After his mother went to a mental asylum at the age of 14 he became a stage actor for small plays. At the age of 19 he signed a deal with prestigious Fred Karno company. This move took him to america to act. when the industry wanted him to do sound acting he refused. In 1919 he confounded the distribution companion winch he made many films for. Until in 1940 a FBI investigation kicked him out of the U.S into Switzerland. Where he continued acting but with a really small fain base.
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The Bambino

George Herman Ruth Jr. Played baseball for 22 seasons from 1914-1935. Babe Ruth got the nickname's "The Bambino" and "The sullen of swat". Babe Ruth is now widely considered to be one of the greatest baseball players ever. When Babe Ruth was playing he was on three teems and when his run was over he went into the baseball hall of fame.