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A shift in client desires?

You ever drive a standard shift car? You start in 1st, then shift to 2nd, skip 3rd and go to 4th. Skip that shift, and your car won't respond. Will it run? Yes, but not too it’s potential. It’s true, the 'same old same old' is a thing of the past. The days of rounding out accounts and offering more benefits has shifted. Shifted to what? Offering more benefits is no longer simply a desire, but a necessity. Customers are looking for answers to the complex changes and gaps that are created now in this new Healthcare climate. However, they don't want choices, they want solutions. Have you ever noticed that when someone is unsure, they tend to stay quiet? Is it possible that your clients do the same thing?

We need to use every gear!

We are all aware of the solutions that are out there using voluntary benefits. Coverages such as Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, and Accident, are being used to help handle the anxiety created by the unknown. Besides that, these plans have actually helped people in a very real way!! Employers, Employees, and Brokers, have all benefited from these solutions. Tired of saying that "your health coverage has gone up by ____%" and seeing a look of frustration? Maybe by offering an alternative solution, you can shift that frustration - to commendation. More and more Brokers are reaching out to us to help. We invite you to join the others.

The reality....

The reality is that the Voluntary space is not 100% Broker driven. There is a very real direct market. Carriers are stepping behind developing direct field representation. What does that mean? It means that there are presentations being conducted, outside of Broker relationships, every day. We would love to see you shift first and work towards advancing our partnership with you. Reach out to your Colonial rep and see what type of marketing help you can take advantage of.

Product Highlight - Accident with Health Screening

Many out of pocket expenses for medical treatments are the direct result of an accident. There are so many different types of accidents that can happen. Planning for them makes good sense. We don’t plan on having an accident, that’s why they are called accidents and not "on purpose." Yet, we can prepare to protect ourselves in the event of an accident. Our Accident plan will pay lump sum benefits to the insured for specific treatments and injuries related to that accident. It's a good feeling when you have to see the Doctor due to an unexpected event and you remember you have insurance to help cover the expense. The Health Screening benefit provides a benefit for many different wellness exams that we do every year. Get paid for taking care of our health? Yes, that’s what it does. This is a great way to help employees mitigate their risk.