When was video games be created? Where did we even got technology from and when was it created? Who created them? There are so many questions that we wonder about and can’t wait to know. Now we all can find out!

3D Video Glasses Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game

History of Video Games.

The first video game was invented by Physicist William Higinbotham in October, 1958. When Physicist William Higinbotham thought about how the first video games will be, he decided to create the simple and very easy games. The very first video game of tennis was very similar to a video game called Pong. The game that was created by Physicist William Higinbotham was at the Brookhaven National Laboratory open house.
Another video game was built back then was Pong. Pong was a video game that was built by Bushnell and Dabney, it was a old video game to be used back in the 1972 or the years after that. It used the television (TV) as a screen, so players could see what was going on in the games. The game was not let out until 1972, and it was a very successful video game to be led by the popularization of the medium.
In the late of 1940s. Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr., and Estle R. Mann created a device for playing basic games, the name of the device was Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device. Video games soon became popular and more people started create video games, like Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney created Atari Computers in 1972 for people to play.

Current of Video Games.

Today, video games is a nightmare for parents because of all of the violences, killing people, and especially saying bad words. Grand Theft Auto is one of the game that makes parents having nightmare every time their kids play it. But not every single games is violences and inappropriate. Grand Theft Auto is violences for kids but for teenager is difference and adult, the games is makes especially for adult and tenager to use it not for kids. After the seen of how men and teenager play the game of Grand Theft Auto, the game hit so much population that Grand Theft Auto set a new record for the most expensive game ever made and marketing, and development budget exceeding $265million dollars.
Pikachu is one of the popular game, too. Most parents are okay with their kids playing Pokémon then playing those really super violence games. Parents are less worry about their kids playing Pokémon because now Pokémon also comes in card, that’s mean their kids have less chance of wearing glasses. Today, kids rather play Pokémon on technology then playing on Pokémon cards. The population of kids playing Pokémon on technology is more than the population of kids playing Pokémon cards. The following years go by, now Nintendo are making kids want to play on it then play on Pokémon cards.

Future of Video Games.

Scientists have been trying to figure out how to put gamer or people that play games into the games. Scientists are creating 3D glasses where the glasses put people into the games when you wear it. Parents are crying and having a disagreement with scientists because parents are worrying about their kids eyes and scare that their kids gonna wear glasses for the rest of their lives. Scientists are worrying, too. Scientists are trying to prevent 3D glasses from making people have to wear glasses.
Parents are scare that when their kids get in the games, they gonna be so violence and don’t even know about real lives anymore. Kids and scientists are having to fight with all the parents about kids need 3D glasses for entertainment. Parents are saying kids have enough entertainment already. Scientists and kids are saying without 3D glasses, they would be back in the 1900s or something not the future anymore.

I guess now that you got your answer. I’m Minh, signing out.