BAPS Sunday Focus 2016 T1 Wk 2

Week 2 and the arrival of our Kindergarten

This week we welcome our new Kindies which is an exciting time for us all. I know you will all help our Kindy team by making our newest additions to the BAPS family feel welcome.

I will be on LSL Tuesday to attend my own son's first day. He doesn't seem too worried about starting which shows how far public schools have come in preparing our students for primary school.

My last count showed 72 news students in Kindergarten. That is a large number of students entering starting in 2016 and is a great vote of confidence in our school. It is also a reflection of a wonderful transition program which was provided by our K-2 team. Thanks for all that you do.

Enjoy the first week with your students and ensure you set the standard you expect for student's behaviour and work ethic. Its not ok for our students to belief anything but that they can be the best version of themselves.

Our role is to help them see what they are capable of.

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Lights Camera Action

Teaching is a performance.

Each day we get on stage much as a actor or singer would do and perform to get the best out of our children.

I often think of it as the lights come on as the children come in. This is what makes teaching exhausting.

Could you imagine an actor performing on Broadway ...all day... 5 days a week for 40 weeks?

We need to be ready to go and feeling our best when 'the lights come on'.

Please make sure you are doing looking after yourself so that when the lights come on you are at your best.

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TPL in 2016

At our Staff Development Day I asked that we focus on meeting children at their point of need then asking 'what next?'.

I also wish to adopt this focus for our TPL in 2016.

We do have DoE mandatory training which must be completed but I will be send out a survey early next week that will ask staff to highlight professional learning that you feel is needed school-wide. Can all staff please respond as it will shape what we do.

Your PDP will still be for more personalised TPL and we will endeavour to cater for the individual needs of staff.

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A great BAPS news story

It is nice to see a good news story on education and it is even better when is is from our school.

There is a whole lot of cuteness here!
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From time to time I will send emails to staff asking for information. I send these as they come to mind and when I might be working on a particular issue, initiative or organisation.

I thank all staff for their timely responses to my emails.

Sometimes these emails may come at unusual times due to the nature of my work hours. If you receive an email from me over a weekend I do not expect an answer until you are back at work. It just makes it easier for me to send the message as I am working on the particular issue.

I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend ready for our first full week.

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High Expectation Relationships

Here is Dr Chris Sarra's paper on high expectation relationships as I discussed on our SDD.

Have a look if you are interested.


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Final thought

Be careful there are 8 full moons on teaching days this year!