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Growth Mindset

Developing the right mindset early on is crucial for a full, successful life. When students learn that putting forth effort and using the right strategies can make them smarter, they try harder and achieve more. When they know their brains are capable of growing, amazing things can happen!

We all have beliefs about our own abilities and potential. These beliefs are part of our mindset which is so powerful it can fuel our behavior and predict our success. Mindset shapes our everyday lives, helping us interpret our experiences and future possibilities.

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Our students have been busy at Bayside Sixth Grade Campus in the second quarter of the year! Each student wrote a narrative essay and uploaded this into their Google Sites. If you haven't visited their Google Sites, please have your student to show you the Google Site he/she created. We are encouraging all subjects to input writing samples to help students prepare for Bayside 7/8 and the digital future. Students have also been diving into Poetry. We have covered Figurative Language and Poetic Devices while enjoying the magic of Poetry. Coming up in our Unit 4, students will attain a clearer understanding of the concept of embracing change by reading and responding to stories, essays, and nonfiction about those who have experienced rites of passage, challenging situations and conflicts that have profoundly influenced their lives.


Students have been working very hard this quarter learning about fractions, decimals, and percentages. Teachers have implemented a wide variety of resources (such as Educreations, Flocabulary, Webquests, and Voice and Choice) to help students learn this difficult concept. Students enjoyed practicing multiplying and dividing fractions by using fraction circles and online tools! Coming up next is our Algebra unit. We look forward to showing students how Algebra can be used every day in the real world!!